Meet the Maker: Ray Rumore

Meet Ray Rumore, creator of Volt the Robot

GHMMF: Tell me what your project is about?

RR: I have been working on all sorts of robots the past few years – I will be bringing a few of them to the Faire. Volt is a companion robot I built with my dad over the past two years. His base is from a motorized golf caddy. His torso is from an industrial arm we found on Ebay.

His neck, arms and brain are from a Meccanoid. The rest of his parts are from miscellaneous computer hardware and pieces from model kits, binoculars, and Chappie ears. He was inspired from several movie robots including Johnny 5 and Chappie. This is the third version of Volt (He is a “work-in-Progress”) — he has undergone several major revisions.

GHMMF: What inspired you to start working on your project?

RR:  In one of the Star Wars movies, Anakin builds C-3PO.  I think that’s when I first got the idea to build my own “companion robot.”

GHMMF: What do you hope to do with your project in the future?

RR: Currently, Volt is mostly an entertainment robot, but that is going to change. We will be adding a DYLO to control his servos and will be “leveling up” his interactivity by incorporating Eventually, we would like for him to be bipedal as well.

GHMMF: What inspired you to start making?

My parents always encouraged me to make things – to do more than just play with things. They told me to try to add something to what is already there.  Customize whenever possible, and play creatively.

GHMMF: What do you think is the biggest misconception about makers?

RR: That it’s hard to “be a Maker”, that you need some official proclamation declaring you as one. I brought a 3D printer to my first Maker Faire to show that ANYONE can be a Maker. Maker Faires are great because they really allow people to come to realize that about themselves.

Want to learn more about Ray and Volt? Click on the links below!

Development video
Make Page

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