Happy New Year! 2017!

Barnes & Noble 2nd Annual Mini Maker Faire


Barnes & Noble presents the 2nd Annual Mini Maker Faire on Saturday and Sunday, November 5th and 6th. Meet and collaborate with Makers from all over Connecticut.  Visit a store near you!

Meet the Maker: Douglas Henley

Meet Douglas Henley of ‘’Doo-Rite Robotics”

GHMMF: Tell me what your project/exhibit is about.

img_0009DH: My exhibit will show that I give new life to discarded or forgotten objects. My sculptures average two-feet in height and have a humanoid likeness or that of a robot.  The exhibit will display my creations and visitors will be able to identify many household items found in my sculptures.

GHMMF: What inspired you to start working on your project?

DH: I’m an avid HO model train enthusiast with a layout in my basement.  A typical layout can take many years to complete and because of the details, kit building, wiring, etc. some never get to the stage of completion.  I guess I wanted to complete something in a short amount of time and display it.  I also wanted to make something that others could display in their homes or offices, so that the joy that I had making the item could translate to someone else, somewhere else.  Ironically as I think about what got me inspired it was my wife that always saw a face when looking at the front of a car, this became a cool activity for us to see if the design of a particular car had eyes, a nose, a mouth etc. Then one day when I was about to discard an old Apple wireless router, I held the piece up and I saw a face or a face saw me…….I showed my wife and we agreed that this old piece of computer equipment had an expression.  I then found a body (an AT&T router), I had an old handle of a portable steamer hose and when split apart it became legs and with these pieces I put together my first robot and named him, Johnathan.

GHMMF: What do you hope to do with your project in the future? Continue reading

Meet the Maker: Andy Geremia

Meet Andy Geremia, the inventor of ‘Maze Racers’


GHMMF: Tell me what your project/exhibit is about.

AG: I designed a game called ‘Maze Racers’. It consists of two magnetic white boards and a bunch of foam magnetic walls. You and your opponent each build your own complex marble maze. Make it tricky because once you’re done you swap mazes, drop a ball in, and race to complete the maze.

GHMMF: What inspired you to start working on your project?

AG: As a kid I loved mazes, so I came up with a game that lets you build and race your own maze.

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Meet the Maker: Ray Rumore

Meet Ray Rumore, creator of Volt the Robot

GHMMF: Tell me what your project is about?

RR: I have been working on all sorts of robots the past few years – I will be bringing a few of them to the Faire. Volt is a companion robot I built with my dad over the past two years. His base is from a motorized golf caddy. His torso is from an industrial arm we found on Ebay.

His neck, arms and brain are from a Meccanoid. The rest of his parts are from miscellaneous computer hardware and pieces from model kits, binoculars, and Chappie ears. He was inspired from several movie robots including Johnny 5 and Chappie. This is the third version of Volt (He is a “work-in-Progress”) — he has undergone several major revisions.

GHMMF: What inspired you to start working on your project?

RR:  In one of the Star Wars movies, Anakin builds C-3PO.  I think that’s when I first got the idea to build my own “companion robot.”

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Building a Nation of Makers

Op-Ed piece from the White House on the “Maker Movement

Recruiting for Manufacturing through Maker Faires

The Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing Executive Director, Karen Wosczyna-Birch, was recently featured in an article in  American Association of Community Colleges’ Community College Daily.

The article highlights her efforts to recruit students and raise community awareness about advanced manufacturing by sponsoring and producing the Greater Hartford Mini Maker Faire.

Simsbury Library Creating Innovators’ Workshop Maker Space

SimsburyLibraryA number of public libraries in Connecticut have begun programs and developed maker spaces that connect people and foster innovation through shared hands-on learning.  Now the Simsbury Library is the latest library to advance the makers space movement by creating an Innovators’ Workshop Makers Space, scheduled to be completed in September.

Simsbury Public Library embraced the maker movement in 2014 with the launch of Innovators’ Workshop and a 3D printing lab. Since that time, they’ve added other equipment to the lab, including sewing machines, both manual and digital, as well as digital conversion equipment, providing greater opportunities for people to gain knowledge through hands-on learning and to become creators and innovators. All of this equipment will now be housed in the new Makers Space.

The Simsbury Library’s Makers Space is being funded by the generous bequest of Jewel Gutman and a grant from the Wagner Family through the Investor Angels of the Friends of the Simsbury Public Library.

Look for the Simsbury Library’s Makers Space booth at the Greater Hartford Maker Faire on October 8th!

Presidential Proclamation — National Week of Making, 2016

President Obama  declared June 17 through June 23, 2016, as National Week of Making. Check out his proclamation! 

Hartford UAV Challange – Saturday May 21st

The Hartford UAV Challenge will take place at Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 with a rain date on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016.

The Hartford UAV Challenge will feature three different course concepts: A speed course, the freestyle course, and the environmental course. Continue reading